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Two new releases - Cookery For Little Girls, a lesson book that would have been used in your Grandmother's time to teach her how to cook those wonderful meals from scratch when she was young, and Simple Italian Cookery, an historic collection of 127 recipes from when Italian /American cooking was new.  For details, see our "Old Time Kitchen" page.

  A Dutch Christmas in Old Second River 1697


Hillside Pleasure Park

Hillside Pleasure Park

Belleville, New Jersey

The reader will be surprised to learn that one of the largest amusement parks ever built in New Jersey was located in Belleville. From its humble beginning as a tavern and picnic grove, Hillside Pleasure Park quickly grew to be the leading show-place of both live and mechanical entertainment in its age. Through-out the great golden age of the Edwardian Era, it was the amusement venue of choice for 500,000 people each year. This volume traces the park’s history from its days as a local beer-garden through its period of eminence and then to its final season. The reader will find in his hands the most complete work yet written about this great amusement park. - ISBN 0-9788655-0-2

This book is 8 ½” X 11”, landscape format, soft cover, comb bound. Priced at only $34.95 $30.00 ! 

 . . .

Find out what entertained this generation of the high-tech Edwardian era.
Learn about trapeze riding aeronauts and their smoke filled balloons.
Discover how the living history of the wild west was re-enacted in Belleville.
Imagine as you read, the sound of the calliope, the roar of the roller coaster, the rhythm of ragtime music, the smell of gun powder and grease paint, the shouts of excitement and laughter.
Read about the casualties among the performers who risked life and limb to please the crowds
Share in the recollections of people from your grandfather's and great grandfather's generation as they enjoyed this magnificent park.
Understand what forces of nature and time caused this famously successful park to close.

Hillside Pleasure Park
is also available in electronic book format.
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The electronic version is yours for only $24.00


 About the author.


Norman James Price is a life-long resident of Belleville, NJ, spanning over six decades. He is an avid student of the town's long and colorful history reaching back to 1674. Mr. Price is preparing a series of works which will illuminate the many roles this town has played in our country’s history and heritage. He is eager to share with readers some thirty years of research and memorabilia gathering.


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A Dutch Christmas

in Old Second River


Take a trip back in time, back to the 17th Century, to a small Dutch colony, the Village of Second River, now known as Belleville, New Jersey. Spend the Christmas holidays, within the pages of this book, in the boisterous, exuberant company of these hard-working settlers who knew, at least as well as you do, how to celebrate the holiday season.
. . .
* Discover how Sinterklaas became Santa Claus and how the tradition of giving holiday     gifts was brought to America.
* Learn about the Christmas Legend of Black Pete.
* Find out why we blow horns on New Year’s Eve.
* Learn how the Dutch invented a “Merry” Christmas and gave it as a gift to future generations.
*Discover how to make Apple Flappen, Snert, Slemp and other Dutch colonial holiday delights.
* Enjoy the month-long winter holiday season with a fun-loving group of very friendly people.
* Find out about the wildest outdoor winter games you ever heard about.
. . .
ISBN  978-0-9788655-2-8
This book is 5 1/2" X 8 1/2", soft cover, perfect bound.
Buy a copy today for only $20.00 !



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New Books

Coming Soon there will be two new books in our Belleville Heritage series available for your consideration. First :

Silver Lake

Belleville, NJ

An in depth history of a proud and unique community which dates back to 1730. Then :

Camp Ro-Li

A memory book and tribute to Belleville, NJ's own summer camp that provided so many wonderful memories to so many people.


Post Cards from Belleville, NJ ! Send these post cards to all your friends and relatives and let them know that you really do live in a "Beautiful Village". This set of 4 cards, each one 4" x 6", is yours for only $4.00.

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