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Cherry Blossoms 

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In April of 2007, a severe nor'easter tore through the Cherry Blossom Park, threatening a large number of newly planted trees. Click here to see a slide show of the storm, the raging Second River and the new trees.

Caroline Bamberger Fuld

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Caroline Bamberger was born in Baltimore during the thunder and smoke of the Civil War in the age of gas lights and horse-drawn carriages. "Carrie", as she was called, moved to Newark in 1895 to join her brother, Louis Bamberger, in the department store bearing the family name.  In 1928, at the time of the passing of her second husband, Felix Fuld,  Caroline Bamberger Fuld donated a large collection of Japanese flowering cherry trees, intending that they would be planted along the banks of the Second River. They seemed an appropriate memorial, symbolizing as they do both the beauty and brevity of life. It is for this donation that she is most remembered here.

Cherry Blossom Art

Here you will find an extensive selection of Cherry Blossom Art offered by eBay.  There are paintings, posters, vases and many other articles of decorative art with a Cherry Blossom motif.  You just may find the perfect collectable or gift.

Cherry Blossom Viewing Guide

Japanese horticulturists tell us that there are more than 300 varieties of Sakura - Cherry Blossoms. A small number of those have made their way, in significant numbers, into North America. The viewing guide above is intended to familiarize the reader with the names of a few, just enough to get you started,  of the more popular varieties that you may find in North American collections.
Major collections in the mid-Atlantic region worth visiting :
Belleville, NJ - Cherry Blossom Capital of America
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Fairmont Park, Philadelphia
Washington D.C., tidal basin