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On this page,

We aim to share with you the excitement of motoring in the golden age. We are offering a part of our "On The Road - 1912 Series" collection of images which convey that special look and feeling of this adventurous time. 

Each print is 8 inches by ten inches on heavy gauge 110lb. art stock and comes mounted in a double matte surround, ready for framing.  If you can identify with the soaring sense of adventure felt by your ancestors from this Golden Age, you should have one of these on your wall. 

Buy one or more now for only $24.00 each



Driving a Golden-Age motor car required considerably more skill than does driving a modern automobile of today.  Never-the-less, ladies did not shy away from driving them.        Product ID:  Rd_002


This digitally restored vintage road map of New Jersey from 1912 is a good indicator of roads available at the time.  The legend says 'best roads are shown in red'. Best roads, however, did not necessarily mean they were paved.  It only meant that they were passable under most weather conditions.      Product ID:  Rd_003



Always sure to attract attention was this beautiful, elegant Oldsmobile touring car.      Product ID: Rd_009


Nothing makes a fellow appear more dashing to a pretty girl than when he takes her for a ride in his roadster. 
     Product ID: Rd_007



There were road hazards a-plenty in those days and the vehicles were not that easy to control.  All too many motor cars ended-up like this one.                Product ID:  Rd_004



A common scene along the American road would be a motorist performing road-side repairs to his machine.  Auto mechanics was a required skill for these adventuresome motorist.

Product ID: Rd_006



This young lady is properly attired for venturing out in a touring car. The scarf held down her hat which all Edwardian period ladies were expected to wear.  The gloves and dust jacket were required to minimize the road dirt on her person, most cars were open-sided, many had no roof and few roads were paved.  If she was the driver, she would have also needed goggles unless she owned a more expensive car equipped with a windshield.

Product ID: Rd_005



There was more than one kind of Great Adventure to experience in a motor car.  In those days, this was called "spooning".

 Product ID: Rd_001



If you commute to work, you really need to have this one hanging on your wall.  In all these years, nothing has changed !

Product ID: Rd_013



With the wind in their faces, they are zipping along at a speedy 25 mph, that's  6 times faster than a horse can trot.  It was exhilarating !

Product ID: Rd_015



The electric car was elegant, silent and dignified.  With a chauffer and a luxurious interior, this was the perfect car for the well-to-do dowager.  It was the perfect city car for anyone.

Product ID: Rd_010  

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