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Campbell Soup Cookbooks



by Olive Hyde Foster

A 1910 vintage lesson book for Grandmother / A NEW edition. 



This book, first published in 1910, is a true gem. It is too much a part of the living history of every American family to be allowed to disappear into forgetfulness. With this edition, the book will be preserved for another generation.

Your grandmother was a little girl once. This is her story. She learned to prepare legendary meals, the aromas of which would stop children at play and draw them, like a magic spell, into her kitchen to see what good things might be eaten. This is how she learned to do it

With the descriptive sidebars in this edition, the reader can look over young grandmother's shoulder and understand what she is doing as she learns her lessons. All the idiosyncrasies of operating a hundred year old kitchen will be made clear to the reader.

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Cookery For Little Girls

Book Description


High Gloss Soft Cover

Binding - Comb

Pages - 156

Large Format - 8 1/2" x 11"

Release Date - 2008

Original text, by Olive Hyde Foster, is  unaltered.  Many sidebar articles and illustrations added to explain the conditions that prevailed in a 100 year-old kitchen that might not be expected by the modern reader.


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Simple Italian Cookery
Antonia Isola
This cookbook is an historic account.
It records a unique time in American culinary history, when newly arrived Italian housewives were creatively improvising traditional old-world dishes with food-stuffs found in the American market place. It presents the beginning of Italian / American Cuisine.
Here is a grand celebration of the art of making fine, traditional meals from very basic and inexpensive ingredients.
It is a pleasure to explore and an enjoyment to try these old recipes. You will likely find a long forgotten dish that was once a family favorite. 
There is definitely a place for this new edition on the bookshelf in the modern kitchen.
Zuppa di Merluzzo
Minestra di Riso
Zuppa di Zucca
Ravioli Dolce
Migliaccio di Farina Gialla
Gnocchi of potato
Eggs alla Milanese
Pumpkin alla Parmegiana
Zuppa di Lattuga
Vermicelli with olive oil and anchovies
Ravioli of curds and spinach
Sicilian macaroni with eggplant
Polenta alla Toscana
Hot Piquante sauce
Eggs alla Benedettina
Cream of lemon sauce
Fresh cod fish al vino bianco
Onions alla Veneziana
Celery fried
Fried bread with raisins
Tomato Pudding
Involtini of beef alla Siciliana
Polpettone alla Napolitana
The Cardinal's salad
Chestnuts alla Lucifero
Milk of almond ice
100 more
- New edition
- 127  old-time recipes
- High gloss soft cover
- Comb bound
- Large Format, 8 1/2" x 11"
- Release Date 2008
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